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May 23, 2018

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California Closets Gina Michele

If you’ve ever browsed around Pinterest looking at dream closets you’re sure to have encountered many envy-inducing spaces from California Closets. You know the type of closet I’m talking about- gigantic, with glass cabinet doors, shelves with lighting and a huge island. Celebrity-approved and very expensive! I was recently given the opportunity to work with California Closets and I was pleased to learn that they don’t just cater to multi-million dollars homes. They have storage solutions and design ideas to fit every space and budget. See how I get organized with California Closets and Marie Kondo!

Marie Kondo and her The KonMari Method of organization have devote converts all over the world. The KonMari method centers around the belief that an organized space can help foster joy in your home. I have certainly found this to be true! An unorganized space makes me feel frazzled and stressed.

California Closets offers custom organizational solutions throughout the home- from pantries and media centers, to mudrooms and garages, California Closets enhances the storage potential and purpose of even small spaces to maximize the efficacy of the home.

California Closet Before by Gina Michele

Here’s the “before” pic of one of my closets. The closets in my house are small so I have my clothes spread out around the house. This closet above is the one I use the most often.

When I moved into the house, this closet had cheap wire shelving (the kind that pulls away from the wall when you load it up with too much stuff!). I built this wood shelving system to replace the wire shelves. It’s much sturdier, holds a lot more and it looks better. Unfortunately, this is where my effort in the closet ceased. I stuffed all my clothes in and called it a day.

Ariane from California Closets in Southampton, NY offered me some great tips on how to maximize the space in my small closet and make the KonMari Method work for me.

Ariane says that when she first meets with clients and introduces them to the KonMari Method she stresses the idea of  only keeping items that bring you joy, instead of the “discarding” mentality that usually goes along with a closet “purge”. I love the positive spin Ariane puts on organization and it actually makes it easier to let go of things that you no longer need.

The first thing I did was remove everything from my closet and paint the shelving white. This immediately brighten up the space and made it look cleaner!  Then, I donated a large bag of clothing and shoes that no longer worked for my lifestyle (as a toddler mom I don’t have much use for dresses/skirts that I can’t bend over in!).

California Closet Gina Michele

The KonMari Method has a great, space saving solution for folding clothes that involves rolling them (demonstrated in the video below). I was able to free up a lot of space by rolling up long sleeve shirts and thin sweaters and putting them in the dresser, instead of the closet.

Ariane suggested LED lighting which happens to be a big trend in closet organization right now.  LED lighting is not only helpful, it makes the space look high-end. Best of all? There are tons of options for LED lights that don’t require hard wiring from an electrician! Many LED lights operate using batteries and they can be easily mounted under the shelves. I loved this idea and I think it’s a cost effective and DIY-friendly way to upgrade my closet!

California Closet Gina Michele

Another helpful suggestion Ariane had when working with a small space is to pack up seasonal items. I usually forget to do this and summer will come and there will be heavy velvet and wool still hanging in my closet. Once I packed up my winter items, there was so much more room. It also makes getting dressed easier because there are only seasonally-appropriate items to choose from.

Ariane also urges clients to use trays and fabric baskets to corral smaller items. I used a lucite tray to tidy up the sunglasses that were scattered all over my closet shelves.

California Closets Gina Michele

California Closets Gina Michele

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with my newly organized closet! Getting dressed in this bright, clean closet is the perfect way to start the day! Instead of rotating between the same few outfits, I’m experimenting and creating new ones because everything is so easy and accessible. Organizing my closet with California Closets and Marie Kondo has made getting dressed fun again!

Want to see another dramatic, small space transformation? Check out this video!

Want to organize a space in your home? California Closets’ professional design consultants will will collaborate with you to create a custom design that meets your needs, reflects your personal style and works within your budget. California Closets has an extensive range of beautiful finishes to choose from, from clean and simple white, to proprietary textures imported from Italy, all of which are environmentally sustainable and California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant.

Many California Closets locations offer seasonal promotions and/or financing options.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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