Teepee Play Tent- Latest Sewing Project (Burda Style Pattern B6559)

April 4, 2018

Teepee Play Tent DIY I’ve been in such a sewing mood lately.  I have so many ideas for apparel and home projects to make this spring. Without further ado…here’s my latest project- Teepee Play Tent! Indigo loves blanket forts so I wanted to create something that was a bit more permanent and that honored his Native American culture. The teepee design is great because it’s sturdy and it can also collapse when not in use.

I used Burda Style Pattern B6559 as the pattern for this Teepee Play Tent. The minimal directions were confusing, but once I figured them out this was pretty easy to sew.  This teepee requires approximately 9 yards of fabric, which can be quite expensive! Luckily I found this Camping Critters Flannel from Joann at an amazing price. I also chose some solid flannel to do the back panels and curtains.

The sewing pattern suggested using bamboo poles. I looked around and the smallest quantity I could find at the home improvement stores was 25 poles…and they were $50. I went with PVC pipe which was lightweight, easy to cut and inexpensive (about $15 for all the poles). The poles are hidden inside the casing so it seemed silly to spend the extra money on bamboo that you couldn’t even see!

This Teepee Play Tent has tie back front curtains and a side window with a cute, rolled flap. I put some pillows and blankets inside and now this is Indigo’s favorite spot in the house!

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