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Hair and Accessory Trends for Spring

April 9, 2018

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Spring is finally here and for most of us that means freshening up our look. Two easy ways to update your look is with a new hairstyle and new sunglasses.  Even if your wardrobe stays the same, changing up your hair and adding a great pair of sunnies serves as a mini-makeover!  In need of some inspiration? Today I teamed up with Foster Grant to share the biggest Hair and Accessory Trends for Spring!

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Hair and Accessory Trends for Spring

Round Glasses & Hair Clips

Round frame glasses are back in a big way! They’ve been popping up on the runways, on celebrities and in magazines. This pair by Foster Grant features a thin gold frame and orange and yellow gradient lenses. Round frames feel fresh and playful, especially when paired with one of spring’s biggest hair trends- barrettes! Barrettes are not only practical, they’re also an easy way to update your hairstyle.

Foster Grant Sunglasses

Foster Grant Sunglasses

Statement Sunglasses & Visible Bobby Pins

Statement sunglasses are big for spring, like this futuristic cat eye pair with mirror lenses from Foster Grant. These bold glasses pair well with a trend straight from the runways- visible bobby pins. Create a crosshatch design by securing bobby pins on top of each other. You can go all around your head (like a headband) or just pin back one sections. 
Foster Grant Mirror Sunglasses

Hair and Accessory Trends for Spring

Double Brow Bar Sunglasses & Scarf Ponytails

Double brow bars update a classic frame on these glasses from Foster Grant. The silver lenses add a sporty vibe with pairs well with this season’s trend of scarf-wrapped ponytails. To achieve this hairstyle at home, secure hair in a ponytail with an elastic. Bobby pin the end of the scarf to the elastic and wrap around, pinning the end of the scarf in the back. 

Foster Grant Sunbglasses

Hair and Accessory Trends for Spring

Tinted Lenses & Double Braids

Tinted lenses are back in a big way for spring! This octagon shaped pair with blue and yellow gradient lenses gives modern flair to a retro classic. These sunglasses pair perfectly with sporty looks like these double braids. To achieve this hairstyle, make two braids and pin them underneath with bobby pins to join them.

Hair and Accessory Trends for Spring

What are your favorite trends for Spring? I’d love to hear!

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  • Hannan Ahmad
    April 18, 2018 at 4:52 pm

    Spring season is not that much sunny like that of summer. But style and luxury has no season, fashion sunglasses are universal as they have become the trend and people look for trends when buying such products.

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