Sea Glass Tray DIY

April 13, 2018

Sea Glass Tray DIY

I can never have enough trays- they’re perfect for corralling small items. I love coastal look and anything sea glass always catches my eye. When I saw that Krylon made a Sea Glass spray paint I knew I had to give it a try! The paint gave this Sea Glass Tray DIY such a pretty finish. It really does look like it’s made of sea glass. The paint colors the tray without giving it an opaque finish. I can’t wait to try this spray paint out on other projects!

This Sea Glass Tray DIY is so easy to make. The body is actually an inexpensive acrylic photo frame. These frames come in different sizes so you could do a variety of trays. The side handles are cabinet pulls, which come in endless designs so you can customize this tray any way you’d like!

Supplies for Sea Glass Tray DIY

Acrylic box picture frame

Krylon Sea Glass spray paint

Gorilla Glue Clear

Cabinet pulls

Check out the video below for the tutorial!

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Sea Glass Tray DIY

Sea Glass Tray DIY

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