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Sleep Better at Night- how I went from insomnia to sleeping like a baby

February 9, 2018
[duvet cover & shams: Crane & Canopy]

Most of my adult life has been plagued with bouts of insomnia. I was usually able to fall asleep pretty quickly, but then I would be up multiple times during the night. I don’t have any medical conditions or take any prescriptions that would cause insomnia so I suspected that my lifestyle/environment were to blame. A few years ago I made several changes that completely turned my life around! If you’re wondering how to sleep better at night, here’s some methods that worked wonders for me:
Turn Your Bedroom in a Sanctuary
During my sleepless period, my bedroom was often cluttered and untidy. Occasionally, I would even sleep with a pile of (clean) laundry at the foot of my bed that I was too lazy to put away. I was in denial about it at the time, but the mess was stressing me out, which affected my sleep.
Since then, I always make sure my bedroom is neat. I also decorate in a way that I find soothing and tranquil. I recently re-decorated with a coastal-vibe and I love it! It’s fitting since I live at the beach and watching the ocean always makes me feel calm.
Use Beautiful & Comfortable Bedding
Great bedding can make your bed feel so luxurious. I recently got this Valenica White Pintuck duvet set and shams from Crane & Canopy. It’s like sleeping on a cloud! It’s made from 100% long-staple cotton (400 thread count). It’s super-soft and it feels amazing. The duvet cover has a zipper closure and ribbons on the inside corners to keep your duvet in place, which is such a great feature.
Gorgeous bedding doesn’t have to break the bank. Crane & Canopy is an online brand that offers luxury bedding and towels, without the department store markup. Cane & Canopy’s collection of premium bedding comes in a array of beautiful prints/textures. Everything is crafted in the highest-quality cotton, woven in a 300+ thread count and in a sateen weave.

Valenica White Pintuck duvet set and shams from Crane & Canopy
Valenica White Pintuck duvet set and shams from Crane & Canopy

Create a Bedtime Routine

I’m a creature of habit so I find it relaxing to unwind to the a bedtime routine every night. I have a toddler to watch, so a long, luxurious bath is out of the question. First, I light a candle. It may seem silly, but for me lighting a candle makes the mundane tasks feel special. Then, I wash my face using my Clarisonic Mia 2, take my vitamins and floss/brush my teeth, apply my Retinol cream and eyelash serum. Lastly, I spray my pillows with this Lavender linen spray.

No matter how tired I am I always do this routine. It’s the perfect transition from day to night.

How to sleep better at night

Use a Sound Machine
I first started using a sound machine after Indigo was born. It was suppose to be for his benefit, but I ended up loving it so much I bought my own. I listen to the ocean sounds and it is seriously so relaxing!

No Alcohol 
It took me a long time to admit this to myself, but my nightly glass of wine was disrupting my sleep. I didn’t want to give it up because I thought I needed it to relax. I finally decided to try replacing it with Kombucha. Not only do I not miss my nightly glass of wine, I’m sleeping better than I ever have!

The National Sleep Foundation’s 2013 Sleep In America survey, showed that people who get regular, vigorous exercise reported getting the best sleep.
The past few months I’ve been running and doing BBG, and I noticed that by the end of the day I’m so tired!

No Electronics in Bed
It’s so temping to mindlessly scroll away on your phone before bed. Before you know it, an hour (or more!) has passed. Every time I’ve brought my phone into bed I end up going to sleep much later than I originally planned.
I bought an alarm clock and I now charge my phone away from my nightstand so I won’t even be tempted to look at.

Crane & Canopy Bedding
Crane & Canopy Bedding
Crane & Canopy duvet cover

What are your tips for getting a good night’s sleep? I’d love to hear! 

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    February 11, 2018 at 1:11 am

    I have to be so much better about the electronics in bed/before bed tip – It's such a bad habit! Thanks for writing this post! So helpful

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