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Pre and Post Workout Tips To Avoid Breakouts

February 26, 2018
Pre and Post Workout Tips To Avoid Breakouts

The past few months I’ve become very focused on fitness. I’ve been working out 6 days a week, which has lead to some wonderful results! Not only am I getting physically stronger, I also feel more calm and relaxed than ever. Add to this, the bonus of sleeping like a baby after a tough workout and I’d say this has been a really positive life change. There has been one downside though…breakouts! After the first few weeks of exercise, I noticed that my skin had broken out, which is something I hadn’t experienced since high school! Luckily, I got my skin under control with some simple changes. Today I teamed up with Equate Fragrance Free Makeup Remover Towelletes to share some tricks that helped me avoid breakouts without sacrificing my workout routine.

Pre and Post Workout Tips To Avoid Breakouts

Pre and Post Workout Tips To Avoid Breakouts

Keep Your Face Clean

Sweating while wearing makeup is a surefire recipe for clogged pores. Makeup covers your pores and when you exercise your makeup mixes with perspiration and oil and sweat can’t be released.

Over-washing your skin can dry it out, so it’s best to use something gentle likeĀ Equate Towelettes. Equate TowelettesĀ are made with essentialĀ oils and 99% natural ingredients. They’re also fragrance free, convenientĀ and very effective! I use these towelettes before a workout to clean my face- they even remove waterproof mascara!

Equate towelettes are also great on those nights when I’m too tired to remove my makeup.

Pre and Post Workout Tips To Avoid Breakouts

PracticeĀ GoodĀ Hygiene

Gyms are great for our bodies, but they’re also a hotbed of germ activity (ew!). Not only is pore-clogging bacteria on the machines, weights and mats, viruses are also present which can make you sick. Be sure to wipe down equipmentĀ before and after using it. Also, keep your hands off your face to prevent bacteria from transferring to your skin and causingĀ breakouts.


After you’ve been sweating, it might feel like the last thing you need to do is apply moisturizer. However, a good workout zaps hydration levels and leaves your skin parched. If you’re prone to breakouts, an oil-free moisturizer is the way to go.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is not only great for our bodies, it’s also helpful in reducing breakouts. Water flushes toxins from the body which aid in keeping skin clear. Make sure you drink water during and after your workout to replace the hydration lost by perspiring.

By following the above steps, I saw my workout-related acne disappear in a few weeks!Equate towelettes can be found the cosmetic section with the other facial cleansers at your local Walmart. They’re budget-friendly, so you can multiple packs to keep in your gym bag, purse, diaper bag, etc.

Equate Makeup Remover Towelettes
Pre and Post Workout Tips To Avoid Breakouts
Pre and Post Workout Tips To Avoid Breakouts
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