Cruelty Free Makeup I’m Loving

February 23, 2018
Cruelty Free Makeup

There have been so many great, cruelty free makeup lines to emerge in the last few years. It’s never been easier to find professional quality makeup that isn’t tested on animals or that contains animal ingredients! Here’s the cruelty-free makeup I’m loving:

Pacifica Solar Complete Color Mineral Palette

This palette is filled with high-quality, wearable colors. There are 6 eyeshadows, 3 highlighters, a blush and a bronzer. The formulas are infused with coconut so they smell amazing! The eyeshadows alone are worth buying this palette for!

Coola Dawn Patrol Makeup Primer

I’m obsessed with Coola and this primer doesn’t disappoint! This primer has an SPF of 30 which I love. It has a clean scent and it makes your skin feel so silky. My makeup stays looking fresh all day with this primer.

BellaPierre Banana Setting Powder

This color-correcting setting powder is formulated to reduce redness. It’s lightweight and it blends in well with my skin.

Wander Beauty Lipsetter Dual Lipstick and Liner

This lipstick with perfectly matching lip liner is in my makeup bag at all times. It has a velvet-y texture and the fuchsia color makes your teeth look really white! This formula isn’t drying and it comes in an array of wearable colors.

Perfect jet black color that makes your lashes look so full! Stays in place with no flaking or clumping. The formula even contains Vitamin E and sunflower oil to condition lashes.
As a pale girl, it can be hard to find the perfect blush. I love this one because it blends into your skin and it looks natural. The illuminator is perfect for highlighting. It leave behind a beautiful shimmer!
Cruelty Free Makeup
Cruelty Free Makeup
The best Cruelty Free Makeup

What are your favorite cruelty free makeup products? I’d love to hear!


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