Gel Nails at Home- My Foolproof Technique

December 20, 2017

Gel Nails at Home- easy, convenient and less expensive than a salon!

Gel Nails at Home- My Foolproof Technique
[Coat (sold out in this color)]

As someone who can’t even make it though the day with chipping my nails, gel polish is a gift from above! I recently started doing gel nails at home and I’m obsessed! Not only is the process easy, it saves a lot of money! Gel manicures run about $50 (not including tip) in my area. I bought all the supplies to do the manicure at home for under $100. The end result is beautiful, shiny nails that last up to 3 weeks!

Today I’m going to share my foolproof technique for doing your own gel manicure at home.

Gel Nails at Home

Supplies needed to do gel nails at home:

LED Light 
Gelish Base and top Sealer
Gelish Nail polish (Rendezvous)
Gelish Soak Off Remover 
Gelish Cleanser
Clip Caps

(Gelish also sells a complete starter kit)

 After doing some research, I chose Gelish (this isn’t a sponsored post). They had good reviews and their soak off nail polish comes in tons of colors. 

How to apply Gelish Soak Off Nail Polish

1. Trim and file. Lightly buff with a buff blocker.
2. Clean nails with the cleanser.
3. Apply a coat of foundation to each nail.
4. Cure the foundation gel in the LED lamp (I do 60 seconds)

5. Apply the first coat of gel polish and cure in the lamp.
6. Apply the second coat of gel polish and cure in the lamp.
7. Apply a coat of Top it Off and cure.
8. Wipe your nail off with the cleanser.

That’s it- chip free nails for up to 3 weeks!

How to apply gelish soak off nail polish

How to remove Gelish Soak Off Nail Polish

You can really damage you nails if you remove the gel polish incorrectly! The temptation is to soak them a little and then pick/scrap the polish off. This remove the top layers of your nails which makes them weak and damaged.

I remove the gel polish one hand at time. First I saturate a cotton ball with the remover and then I place it over my nail and hold it in place with the clip. The clips make the removal process so much easier! The hold the cotton ball in place and they don’t fall off when you move your hand around.

After 5 minutes I take off one of the clips and check on the polish. I put it a little with my finger. If the polish doesn’t easily slide off then I put the cotton ball and clip back on for another few minutes.

How to remove gelish soak off nail polish
Gel Nails at Home- My Foolproof Technique
Gel Nails at Home- My Foolproof Technique
Have you ever tried doing a gel manicure at home? 

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