All About Sponsor Networks (updated) & Turning Your Blog into a Career

August 5, 2017

All About Sponsor Networks (updated) & Turning Your Blog into a Career

     My goal with this Blogging Tips series is to pull the veil back on the blogging world. I feel that there’s a lot of secrecy surrounding sponsored posts, affiliate links and monetization in general. This secrecy isn’t helpful to new bloggers or established bloggers looking to grow. I’ve received so many questions asking how to find sponsors for posts. When you’re new to the monetization game, it can be hard to find out where to start- trust me, I’ve been there! I wrote a post briefly covering sponsor networks months ago, but I wanted to update it and make it more expansive (and hopefully a lot more helpful).
     This post covers sponsor networks- what they are, how they work, and specific ones that I use. A lot of networks will only accept you if you have a relatively large following (Massive Sway, Pollinate Media, Clever) but there are a few (BrandBacker) that will accept influencers with a smaller following.

Sponsor Networks I use and Love

Social Fabric by Collective Bias– Lots of food/household product campaigns- Collective Bias offer the most campaigns out of all the networks I listed. They also offer Instagram campaigns (including video campaigns). They’re a great network for lifestyle and food-focused bloggers. Many of their campaign ask or DIYs/tutorials which I love! Here’s an example of a campaign I did with Collective Bias: Foldable Wood Laundry Hamper DIY 

How it works: Once you’re accepted to Collective Bias, you can log into their dashboard where they have all their current campaigns posted. You apply to the ones you’re interested in by filling out a questionnaire and pitching your idea for the post.  

Massive SwayMy favorite campaign ever was through Massive Sway! They have everything from home improvement to motherhood-focused campaigns. They have a mix of blogging and Instagram campaigns as well as paid social boosts on Twitter and Facebook. Plus, their sister site- The Sits Girls is a goldmine of social media, blogging and photography education. 
How it works: There’s a dashboard with current campaigns. You choose the ones you think are a good fit and then apply by filling out a questionnaire.

Clever Girls Collective They don’t offer a ton of campaigns but the ones they do have are great. I just did this Dove Intensive Care campaign through Clever. Also, their staff is very nice and helpful.
How it works: Same as Social Fabric and Massive Sway- dashboard style. 

Activate by Bloglovin’ A good mix of campaigns, including some fashion ones. They paid well, but there’s a lot of competition for campaigns. In addition to blogs, they have campaigns for Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Here’s an example of a campaign I did with Activate for Zone Perfect Revitalize.
How it works: Once you’re you’re logged in, you can view the campaigns that are available to you. (based on the number of followers you have) To apply to a campaign you type a short message explaining why you’re a good fit and what your idea for the post is. On most campaigns you name your rate so it’s important to know the right amount to charge.

Everywhere Agency They have a variety of campaigns including some fun ones for kids. I recently did this OshKosh campaign through Everywhere Agency.
How it works: Everywhere Agency sends out weekly emails with available campaigns. You click a link and fill out a questionnaire to apply to the ones that interest you. 

Fresh Press Media– This is the latest sponsor network I’ve joined. I joined a few weeks ago and I’ve already been accepted to a campaign, so it seems promising! They have a really varied offering of campaigns from food, kids and health & wellness companies.
How it works: Once you’re accepted you gain access to their “marketplace” where all available campaigns are posted. 

RevfluenceI do a lot of sponsored Instagram posts through Revfluence (like this one). They have a lot of great Instagram-friendly products from food to clothing to skin care. Most brands offer product plus payment, but a few offer just product (perfect for Instagrammers with a smaller following) 
How it works: There’s a dashboard with the available campaigns. You can message the company and let them know you’re like to collaborate. If they accept, you can converse directly through Revfluence and work out terms. 

Blog Meets Brand They have a small offering of campaigns for both Instagram and blogs, but it’s still worth it to join. My most recent post with Blog Meets Brand was for Jolly Llama.
How it works- They send you emails inviting you to apply for campaigns. 

TapInfluence I’ve been a member of TapInfluence for about 3 months and I only just scored my first campaign (for Conair Curl Secret).  From what I’ve heard, they regularly worth really big bloggers in the fashion arena. 
How it works: You fill out a profile, link your blog and social accounts and they’ll contact you when they’ve match you with an interested sponsor.

Pollinate Media They send out emails a few times a month with available Instagram and blogging campaigns. I’ve only done one campaign with them so far (this fun one for Botanics Ion Clay Face Mask) so I don’t have too much experience with them. They paid very fast and the staff is super nice. 

BrandBacker If you’re just starting out with sponsored posts or if you have a small following, BrandBacker is perfect! It mainly focuses on beauty campaigns and you can get free product in exchange for a post. The products are high quality and it’s a great introduction to the world of sponsored posts. 

Any questions? Leave them in the comments below and I’m happy to answer! 
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