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Discovering New Favorites with Book of the Month Club

April 10, 2017

This post has been made in collaboration with Book of the Month. All opinions are my own. This post makes use of affiliate links.

Discovering New Favorites with Book of the Month Club
“In the time you spend on social media each year, you could have read 200 books”

     I read this statistic recently and I was blown away. Then, I felt a little guilty when I realized how much time I waste mindless scrolling through Pinterest or checking out a total stranger’s vacation pics on Instagram. I spend a fair amount of time reading, but it’s nothing compared to the time I spend on social media. What could I accomplish if I spent that time (even half of it) reading instead? How much more informed would I be? 
    One of the obstacles is finding a great book…you know, the kind you don’t want to put down. Enter Book of the Month Club. Founded in 1926, Book of the Month has a 90 year history of choosing amazing works of literature. Their past selections include “Gone With the Wind” in 1936 and “The Catcher in the Rye” in 1951, so you know they have a good eye for great reads! 

     Here’s how Book of the Month works: It’s a subscription-style service that sends you thoughtfully curated fiction and non-fiction books each month. Every month, their rotating pool of jurors selects 5 books. You choose the one you want to read and then it’s sent to you (shipping included) for $11.99. You can add extra books for only $9.99 each. They take all the guesswork out of finding a great new read! 

As for me, I won’t be swearing off social media any time soon. I will, however, think twice about reaching for my phone every time I’m bored and pick up a book instead!

Sign up now and choose from 5 of the best books of the month!
Discovering New Favorites with Book of the Month Club
My choices from April’s selection. I’m currently reading “Startup”.
Discovering New Favorites with Book of the Month Club
Discovering New Favorites with Book of the Month Club
How do you guys make time for reading?
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