The Secret to Drastically Increasing Your Blog Traffic

February 26, 2017
How to drive traffic to your blog using Pinterest

     Want the secret to drastically increasing your blog traffic? Group Boards on Pinterest!!!
Even if you’re very active on Pinterest you may still only have a few thousand (oftentimes less) followers. Popular group boards can have hundreds of thousands of followers. When you pin a blog post to Pinterest, it’s only getting seen by the people who follow you. Group Boards put your pin in front of a much larger audience. You pin can get re-pinned many more times over, which leads to a huge increase in blog traffic.    
     When I first joined Pinterest, I didn’t really see it as a tool that could grow my blog considerably. I barely knew what Group Boards were. I didn’t understand why they were important and as a result, I didn’t belong to any. At the time, about 10% of my blog traffic originated from Pinterest. After joining several Group Boards, I saw my Pinterest traffic to my blog increase to over 50%. It happened within a few short months! Now when I pin new content from my blog it, oftentimes, get hundreds or re-pins in hours! This never happened when I was pinning to only my boards!

How Do I Join Group Boards?
    Pinterest doesn’t have a search for Group Boards so the easiest way to find them is at Pin Groupie. Pin Groupie has a huge directory of group boards in every category. Search for whatever categories you blog covers. You want to find boards that have a lot of followers but not that many members (aka “collaborators”). If a boards has too many collaborators your pins can get lost.
    Most group boards will include some message about joining. Sometimes they give an email address or ask you to message through Pinterest. 
How Many Group Boards Should I Join?

     As long as you’re joining the right kind of boards, I’d say the more the better! Whatever topics you cover on your blog, you should join the Group Boards for those categories. 

How Often Should I Pin to Group Boards?
Some Group Boards have rules about how many pins per day you can post, others are open. Pin as much as they allow! Don’t just feel like you have to pin your own original content. Re-pinning relevant pins can also get you more followers and help you pins to be seen!
The Final Word on Group Boards
Group Boards (when used properly) can increase your blog traffic dramatically. Best of all, they’re easy and free to use! 
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