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Geode Suncatcher DIY

February 23, 2017
Geode Suncatcher DIY

 How pretty are geodes??? I love the shapes and the variations in color! Geode slices are used mostly for jewelry, but I wanted to incorporate them into my home decor. They look so beautiful when the light shines through them, so I decided to make a Geode Suncatcher DIY. Geodes can be pricey but I found a great deal on Amazon. This is an easy project to make and it will look amazing hanging by a sunny window!

Agate slices with pre-drilled holes
Embroidery floss
Nylon thread
Metal craft ring

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Geode Suncatcher DIY
Wrap the ring with embroidery floss
Geode Suncatcher DIY
Cut 3 strands of embroidery floss 32 inches long. Make a loop in the middle of the floss, put over ring and pull the end through to tighten.
Geode Suncatcher DIY
Gather the floss into 3 groups of 2 strands and braid
Geode Suncatcher DIY
Make 2 more sets of strands, attach to the ring, and braid.
Geode Suncatcher DIY
String the nylon thread through the agate.
Geode Suncatcher DIY
Tie the agate on to the hoop. Knot a few times to make sure it’s secure.
Geode Suncatcher DIY
Tie on more slices, staggering the lengths
Geode Suncatcher DIY
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