ExpoDisc- Best inexpensive tool you can buy to improve your photography

January 21, 2017
Expodisc vs Auto White Balance digital photography tips

      I wanted to share with you the one little tool that’s dramatically changed my photography- ExpoDisc. This isn’t a sponsored post. I read about ExpoDisc in some photography forums and after seeing all the rave reviews, decided to purchase it. I was so impressed with the change it made in my pictures! This little device is a must have- not only for bloggers but for anyone who wants their pictures to look better. 

     So, what is ExpoDisc, you ask?

     ExpoDisc is a white balancing tool (more on why white balance is important in a bit). Traditionally a white balance card was used. Your subject would hold the card and you’d snap a picture and set the white balance on your camera. This works ok in some instances, but try getting a toddler to stand still holding a white balance card. Not going to happen! The ExpoDisc fits right over your lens so you can quickly set the white balance without the aid of the subject. 
     The ExpoDisc is also small and durable. A white balance card has to be kept in pristine condition. Any smudges, or wrinkling will give a wrong reading. 

What is white balance and why is it important to have it set correctly? 
Different kinds of light cast different colors. Photographs taken indoors with lamps as the main source of light will have a yellow cast. Sometimes shooting outdoors on a very cloudy day will give your pictures a blue cast. White balance balances the color temperature in your picture. It does this by adding the opposite color to the image in an attempt to bring the color temperature back to neutral. DSLR camera come with an “Auto White Balance (AWB)” option. The problem with the Auto White Balance is that’s inconsistent and it generally doesn’t provide great results. I spent 2 years shooting with my camera in AWB mode. Sometimes it was ok, a lot of the time it wasn’t. I sort of cringe when I look back at my earlier blog photos. They could have been a lot better if I had a proper white balance. Live and learn, I guess =) 
Expodisc vs Auto White Balance digital photography tips
  How to Use an ExpoDisc (for Canon cameras)
If you use another brand of camera, here are the tutorials
1. Set your meter for proper exposure.
2. Hold the ExpoDisc over your lens (white side towards lens)
3. Snap picture (you may need to have your lens in manual focus for this)
4. Go to the Menu- Custom White Balance- select the picture you just took and select it. 
5. Click OK 
6. Press the up “WB” arrow and select custom white balance
7. Snap away! 
     I think the comparison photos speak for themselves! This little tool has saved me a lot of time in post processing. I’d much rather take a good photo than spend time trying to fix a mediocre one in Photoshop! 

Expodisc vs Auto White Balance digital photography tips
     Have any of you guys use ExpoDisc? I’d love to hear your thoughts/opinions!
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