DIY Mosaic Pumpkin

November 23, 2016
DIY Mosaic Pumpkin

     When you think of mosaics, tables, stepping stones and other flat surfaces usually come to mind. Today I’m going to show you how to mosaic 3D objects. I chose a craft pumpkin, but you can also use this technique on terra cotta flower pots, vases, pedestal birdbaths, etc. 
     Instead of going the traditional route with flat tiles (you can use those if you prefer), I chose vase filler stones because I loved the autumn colors and glassy finish. 
      This is a fun way to make inexpensive items look luxe! Happy crafting! 
Craft pumpkin
Vase filler stones
Liquid nails

DIY Mosaic Pumpkin
Using the Liquid Nails, glue on the stones. Note- Put a dab of Liquid Nails on each stone. Wait until it gets tacky (about 45 minutes-1 hour), then apply to the pumpkin. The stones will slide and/or fall off if you don’t wait. Let dry overnight.
DIY Mosaic Pumpkin
Mix the grout. Don’t add too much water! It should be a thick/clumpy consistency- not runny. Apply to the pumpkin using your hands (wear gloves) Make sure you put enough on so that the stones are covered.
DIY Mosaic Pumpkin
Take a wet sponge and gently wipe it over the pumpkin. The stones will start to reveal themselves.
DIY Mosaic Pumpkin
Keep gently wiping the pumpkin with the wet sponge (wring it out and get it clean as you go) until all the stones are showing.
DIY Mosaic Pumpkin
Once the stones are cleaned, let the grout dry.
DIY Mosaic Pumpkin
DIY Mosaic Pumpkin
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