DIY Silhouette Art

August 5, 2015

One of my favorite physical characteristics on my little guy is his long spiky hair. I wanted to make a print for his nursery that captured his cute profile. I love silhouette art but sometimes it can look a bit too somber. I lightened things up by using a white and metallic blue color palette.
Canvas 12 x 12
White acrylic paint
Acrylic paint in a bright color (I used this one
Foam brush
Full sheet sticker paper

[Paint the canvas white]
[Photograph your subject against a white background. Resize the pic to fit the canvas- I made mine 10 1/4″. Print out image onto sticker paper]
[Cut out image]
[Press down onto canvas]
[Brush on the paint. Work from inside the sticker to the edge of the canvas. This direction prevents paint from getting under the sticker]
[Paint a few coats, letting the canvas dry between each coat]
[Peel off the sticker. If any paint bled on the white part you can touch it up with white paint and a fine paintbrush]
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