Baby Goldfish Hat [knitting pattern]

August 30, 2015
I wanted to make my little guy some knit hats for the cooler months. Instead of a regular pom pom hat, I thought it would be cute to knit him up him a goldfish one!

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft
Size US 8 Knitting needles
(also needed: black, white felt, sewing needle & thread and a yarn needle)
Sizes 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months
For the Hat: Cast on 60 (62,64) stitches. Work in K2, P2 ribbing for 1 1/4 inches. Switch to Stockinette stitch and knit until pieces measures 5 (5 1/4, 5 1/2) inches from the beginning. On the next Knit row: knit, knit 2 together, knit- repeat across row. Row 2: Purl. Row 3: Knit 2 together across the row. Row 4: Purl. Row 5: Knit 2 together across row. Row 6: Purl. Row 7: Knit  together across row. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread tail through stitches of last row and pull to secure. 

[See below for the rest of the pattern and how to assemble the hat]

For the Gills: Make 2.  Cast on 4 stitches. Working in Garter stitch, increase 1 stitch at each beginning edge until you have 10 stitches. Knit for 2 rows and bind off
For the (back fins): Make 2. Cast on 10 stitches. Working in Garter stitch, increase 1 stitch at each beginning edge until you have 20 stitches. Knit 2 rows. Bind off.

[Sew up the side seam in back, attaching the fins]
[Sew the gills on to the side approximately 2 inches from the bottom]
[Cut the eyes and mouth out of felt. I used a nickle to trace the shape of the white circle. I did the same thing for the black circle, except I cut around a second time making it smaller]
[Hand sew the eyes and mouth on to the hat. I used the Overcast stitch]
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  • Nancy
    February 9, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    Gina, Thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful knitted patterns online.
    I love them all and plan to make several hats for babies in my family.
    They are all so adorable,and I appreciate the time you must spend on sharing your directions.
    So, again, just wanted you to know you are appreciated. Nancy.Y

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