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DIY Pom Pom Wall Hanging

July 9, 2015

Being an avid knitter I’m often left with remnants of yarn that are too small for the usual projects. Pom poms are a great way to make use of your leftover yarn and they’re fun to make! This DIY wall hanging is unique alternative to pictures/framed art.
Supplies needed:
Wire wreath (12 inch)
Floral wire
Plastic canvas
Yarn in assorted colors  (worsted weight & bulky is best)
Large pom pom maker

[Cut the plastic canvas the size of the middle of the wreath]
[Using floral wire, attach the canvas to the wreath]
[This is what it looks like when the canvas is attached]
[Make your pom poms (I used 26)- click here to check out my Perfect Pom Pom tutorial]
[String your pom pom through the back of the canvas and secure in a double knot]
[Fill the canvas with pom poms and then the border of the wire frame]
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    Patricia Schwab
    July 9, 2015 at 9:34 pm

    Pom Poms are so much fun and your wall hanging made me smile. Thanks Pat

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