DIY Sliced Watermelon Coasters

April 21, 2015
These DIY Sliced Watermelon coasters are perfect for summer parties and picnics. Best of all, they’re inexpensive and super easy to make!

Cork coasters
Acrylic paint (white, red, green, black)
Mod Podge

[Cut the edge off in an arch shape]
[The large piece you just cut will be the pattern that you place on the other coasters. This will ensure that they are all uniform size]
[Cut out 3 more coasters]
[Paint the whole surface white and let dry. This really makes the colors you add on later pop!]
[Paint the green border on the side]
[Paint the inside red and let dry]
[Paint lines to represent the seeds and let dry]
[Paint a thin coat of Mod Podge on and let dry. This will seal the coaster]
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