DIY Barneys patchwork beanie

August 25, 2014
The rustic patch detail on this Barney’s beanie is a great way to transform a plain hat! 


  • Plain knit hat (I made my own using this pattern)
  • Scraps of knit fabric (I cut up some thrifted cashmere sweaters)
  • Silver studs
  • Needle & thread
[Stuff some plastic bags inside the hat to stretch it out. This will ensure that the hat doesn’t end up getting tighter after the patches are sewn on]
[Cut a large patch out and add some studs. Position it on the hat and trim if needed. Hand sew the patch to the hat]
[Cut a 2nd smaller patch a sew it on, overlapping the 1st patch a little]
[Cut out a 3rd small patch and sew it on]
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