DIY raised garden box

June 3, 2014
[This is the 6 X 4′ box]

Vegetable gardening has fast become my favorite pastime. I never grew anything before I moved into my new house. On a whim I purchased a bunch of seeds from Lowes about 3 months ago. I started them off in one of the spare bedrooms and they flourished! I realized that I was going to need a lot of space outdoors. The soil isn’t ideal (sandy and full of rocks) so raised garden beds were the answer. I made four in total. The cost was minimal and my veggies couldn’t be happier!


  • Wood (pine) 1 inch thick, 10 inches wide (length depends on how large you would like your box to be) Tip- if you don’t have a saw, Home Depot will cut the wood for you for a small fee
  • Screws
  • Optional- deer fencing, staple gun,wood stakes
    [Screw the sides together. Use 2-3 screws for each side. To keep the critters out of my garden I made a frame on top of the box using wood stakes. I attached the plastic deer fencing using a staple gun]
[Shell Peas]
 Happy Gardening!

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