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DIY mixed leather bracelet

June 24, 2014
This DIY leather bracelet is a colorful, unfussy piece that looks great with casual outfits!


  • Leather cord
  • Magnetic closures
  • Extra strength glue
  • Embroidery floss
[Leather cord was provided by Endlessleather]
[Using your wrist as a guide, cut the leather cord. Glue the magnetic caps on the end]
[Cut the smaller leather cord into 2 sections that are the same length as the bracelet]
[Tie the embroidery floss in a tight knot over the 2 pieces of leather]
[Wrap the cord around and make a knot]
[Wrap another piece of floss around to join the 3rd leather cord with the first 2]
[Alternate wrapping the cords together will the floss]

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