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my favorite knitting books

May 18, 2014
[Stitch ‘N Bitch
this is the book that taught me how to knit. The easy to understand
descriptions and cute diagrams really make everything clear. There are
also plenty of beginner patterns to try out in the back of the book. The
Chicks with Sticks is another great series. While I think Stitch ‘N
Bitch does a better job of explaining the basics of knitting,  the Guide to Knitting has some really beautiful beginner knitting patterns. The book is worth buying for the patterns alone]
[How to Use, Adapt, and Design Knitting Patterns– this book is a great resource for experienced knitters who want to branch out. This book will show you how to alter necklines and sleeves on commercial patterns, how to change a bulky wool sweater pattern into a lightweight one and it will even show you how to make your own patterns! Finishing School: A Master Class for Knitters– this book will show you how to make knitwear that looks professionally finished. It covers blocking, sewing seams, adding zippers and much more. I just purchased this book and I’ve already learned several new techniques. This book is a great way to up your knitting game!]
[Yarn (especially natural fiber yarn) can be expensive. Some wool yarns can easily cost $15-$20 per skein. Considering that you need several skeins to make a sweater the cost can really add up! Both One Skein and One More Skein show you plenty of cute projects that can be made with only 1 or 2 balls of yarn]
[Woodland Knits– if the adorable hat on the cover isn’t enough to make you buy this pattern book there are 20 other super cute projects inside. Knit Your Own Cat– knitting + cats…yes please! This make great gifts for kids or cat lovers. The cats are knit flat then sewn together so they’re not as difficult as they look to make]

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