diy upcycled outdoor garbage can storage

May 30, 2014

As soon as our sanitation provider dropped off a gigantic 98 gallon garbage can, my immediate thought was how to hide it from view. The previous residents left behind this fencing and post so we decided to upcycle it into a shed for the cans. This only costs us $25 (white stain, hinges, latch)- a far cry from the $500+ wood sheds we saw in stores!


  • Wood Screws
  • Old fence and fence posts (if you have 30 gallon garbage cans you could make the shed with pallets)
  • Hinges & Latch
[Using the fence posts, build a frame to act as the base. Screw the fence post to each other and to the base]
[Add posts to the front and a piece of wood across the top for support. Make sure the roof is pitched downward slightly]
[Here’s a close up of one of the side posts]
[Cut the fence to size and attach to the roof. Add the side panel and attach the door]

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