diy eugenia kim chiara headband

May 21, 2014
[sunglasses: Gucci, dress: Vintage (similar) ]

This Eugenia Kim inspired headband is perfect for taming your hair on humid days. You’ll need some basic sewing skills to make it but other than that it’s really easy. Plus it’s a great way to make use of your fabric scraps!


  • Jersey fabric 
[Cut your fabric into 2 rectangles that measure 12″ wide and 10″ long)
[Sew the 10 inch long sides together]
[Fold in half lengthwise- right sides together and sew the seam closed]
[Turn right side out. Using an iron press down the seam. In the middle of the fabric create pleats by folding the fabric down and topstitching it. Make 4 pleats]
[Sew the other 2 ends together]
next step is to create the band that covers up the middle seam and
gathers the fabric together. Cut a piece of jersey that is 6 inches wide
and 9 inches long. Fold in half lengthwise, right sides together. Sew seam and turn inside out ]
[On the inside of the turban, stitch down one end of the band]
[Wrap the and around a few times, fold down the edge and hand sew the other end down]

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