side underbraid tutorial

September 5, 2013

This braid is really easy to make. An underbraid is a reverse braid- the hair is woven underneath as oppose to over. The braid sits on top of your hair rather than blending it with it.

[Take a section of hair at the top, side of the crown and divide into 3 sections]
[Take the far right sections and put it under the middle. Then take the far left section and put it under the middle]
[Starting at the right add a new section of hair- like you would with a French Braid. Put under the middle strand. Add a new section of hair to the left stand and put under the middle]
[Repeat the above step one more time]
[Finish braiding the length of the hair- don’t add any new strands]
[To loosen the braid, gently tug on each section. This will make it appear bigger and fuller. Secure with a small elastic]

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