diy skull cut out sweater

September 30, 2013

Give some edge to a basic sweater using only tape and scissors. Bonus: this would make a great low-maintenance Halloween costume!

  • Old sweater (look for one that’s over-sized and a thin fabric)
  • Scissors
  • Masking or painter’s tape
[Lay the sweater down flat, front side down. Smooth out any wrinkles]
[Cut 2 pieces of tape that are 8 inches long. Place them at the upper part of the sweater. These will be the eyes]
[Take 2 smaller pieces of tape that measure 2 1/2 inches long. Place them a few inches under the eyes]
[Cut 10 pieces of tape that are 1 1/2 inches long and space them evenly apart towards the bottom of the sweater]
[Using the tape as a guide, cut an oval shape to make the eye. Be careful not to cut through the front of the sweater]
[This is what it should look like. Cut the other eye out]
[Cut the nose and teeth out around the borders or the tape]


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