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diy carolina bucci braided bracelet

September 15, 2013

Today’s DIY is inspired by this Carolina Bucci bracelet. It’s really easy to make and best of all there’s plenty of dye left over for future projects!

[Cut the entire skein of floss into 15 inch sections. Lay out and spray sections of the floss. I did pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and then purple. Use a paintbrush to blend the colors together. Let dry]

[Cut 3 lengths of chain that measure 15 inches. Add to the floss and secure the top with a rubber band]
[Divide the floss into equal sections- each with a chain- and braid. Secure the end with a rubber band]
[Take a 5 inch strand of bendable wire and wrap it tightly around the bottom. Remove the rubber band]
[Repeat last step with the other end. Then wrap a piece of wire to secure the ends together]
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