wrapped ponytail tutorial

June 28, 2013

This style is a great way too keep the hair off your face without reverting to the basic ponytail. The basic concept is simple- strands of hair are twisted on one side and crossed over the back of the head. To play up the romantic vibe of this style, curl your hair before starting.

[Take a  small strand of hair from above your ear and twist]
[Bring the strand across the back of your head to the other size and secure with a bobby pin]
[Take a section of hair above your ear on the opposite side and twist it around the ends of the strand you just pinned down]
[Bring the new strand across the back of your head and pin in place]
[Twist a new section of hair from the side of the head around the strand]
[Bring across the back of the head and pin]
[Repeat the twisting process again (for a total of 4) and pin in place]

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