diy a.l.c. harper twistback tee

March 29, 2013
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Today’s DIY is inspired by A.L.C.’s Harper Twistback Tee. This is a great take on the basic white T shirt. I love the sexy cut out detail in back. I made this tutorial with two options; sew and no-sew. For the no-sew version all you need to make this is a pair of scissors.

[Cut the sleeves off of a men’s undershirt. Cut a straight line down the back middle of the shirt (15″ long) and a horizontal line right below that]
[Cut down the middle of the horizontal line (6″)]
[Twist the top pieces over each other a few times]
[Twist the bottom pieces over each other]
[NO-SEW Version- tie a double knot on the ends]
[SEW Version- Sew the ends of the ties together. Cut a  1/2″ wide and 6″ long strip of fabric from the leftover sleeve. Sew the end on by hand, wrap around and sew in place. Repeat with other side]

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