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twisted bun tutorial

November 21, 2012

This twisted bun is a interesting take on a classic.  It would be a really chic look for the holidays, especially if you added some jeweled hair pins. Best of all, this style is incredibly easy to do! 

Hair length needed: A 3-4 inches past your shoulder or longer. Obviously, very long hair will create more coils, but shorter hair can still produce a nice effect. To minimize flyaways, slightly dampen your hair before beginning.


[Secure your hair in a small elastic near the ends]

[Divide your hair into 2 sections down the middle.]

[Take the end of the hair- where the elastic is- and loop it through from the front to the back]

[This is what it looks like once the hair has been looped through once]

[Keep repeating this looping process until your hair coils up in a bun]

[Secure in place- I used my Goody Spin Pins ]

[All done!]

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