diy handmade feathers

November 28, 2012

These feathers are really easy to make. They’re created by knotting embroidery floss on to a wrapped wire. They can be strung on yarn for garland or used as Christmas ornaments.


  • Embroidery floss (approximately 1 skein per feather)
  • Craft glue and a paintbrush
  • Floral wire
  • Liquid starch ( I used this homemade recipe


[Cut a piece of floral wire that’s approximately 9 inches long. Fold it in half]
[Brush a small amount of glue on the end and begin wrapping the embroidery floss]
[Wrap the floss down the whole length of the wire. Use a little glue to secure the other end in place]
[Cut out lengths of floss that measure 5 inches long. Secure in a single knot at the top of the wire]
[Keep knotting down the length of the wire. Try to get the strings as close as possible to each other]
[Leave some space at the bottom]
[Submerge the feather in the liquid starch. Squeeze out the excess liquid and shape the feather with your hands.  Allow the feather to thoroughly dry on a paper towel]
[After the feather is dry, use a sharp pair of scissors to trim the edges]

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