side braid tutorial (inspired by herve leger)

September 11, 2012
[top: Helmut Lang]

This style is inspired by the hair at the Herve Leger Spring ’13 show. This braid is a reverse French braid. I uploaded some videos to show you how to make a reverse braid and also a reverse French braid. Using a 3 way mirror makes this a lot easier to do.

[Section a small amount of hair off in front of your ear]
[Reverse French braid]
[As soon as you get to the back of your head, stop French braiding]
[The rest of the braid is finished off in a basic reverse braid. Don’t add any new strands]
[Section your hair in 2 and slip the braid underneath]
[Take a small section of hair from behind your ear]
[Using an elastic, join together the braid and the section of hair from behind your ear. This will hold it in place]
[Ta-da! the finished braid]

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