diy free people wrapped ear phones

August 20, 2012
[image on left: Free People]

These Free People wrapped ear phones are created using the same technique as hair wraps. Despite what the name suggests, the embroidery floss is actually knotted (not wrapped) down the length of the cord.

  • Supplies: 4 skeins of embroidery floss 

[Start at the top of ear phone and make a knot]
[Make a loop with the thread]
[Draw the string through the loop from back to front. Close the loop by pulling in an upward and outward motion.]
[Keep knotting down the length of the cord. The swirl knot effect is created by twisting the cord as you knot. Stop when you reach the part where the 2 ear phones join together]
[When you reach the intersection, get a new piece of thread and start at the top of the other ear phone. Keeping working downwards after you reach the middle]
[The finished ear phones…from bland to bright!]

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