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diy sunburst jeans

May 1, 2012
My apologies for the hiatus…it’s feels great to be back!
Printed jeans are cropping up everywhere this season. The look can easily be achieved at home with some bleach and fabric paint. Spraying fabric paint on the jeans before bleaching adds another dimension of color.
  • Jeans
  • String
  • Bowl of bleach
  • Fabric paint (sold at most craft stores- I used “Blue Jay”)
  • Newspapers

[Place jeans on newspapers. Stuff each leg with paper to prevent fabric spray from seeping through. Lightly spray legs with paint. Let dry]
[Section off small areas down the outside legs and secure them with string. Make sure the string is tied tightly]
[Take each end and dip it in the bowl of bleach. I held mine in for approximately 15 seconds. After you are finished dipping the entire leg, cut off the string. Repeat with the other leg. Wash the jeans to remove the bleach]
[Wear & enjoy!]

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