diy eugenia kim ruffled barrette

November 2, 2011
[left pic:]

This bow can be easily re-created tying a scarf to a barrette. No sewing required!
I used a 60X12 inch silk scarf (I folded it in half to make it 6 inches wide) You can use a smaller scarf, but your bow will be shorter and less full.

  • scarf (rectangular, not square) or fabric
  • blank hair clip (available at craft stores)
  • embroidery floss

[Fold your fabric in half lengthwise]
[Cut a piece of embroidery floss approximately 16 inches long. Tie a knot in the middle of the scarf]
[Tie the scarf to the middle of the barrette. Wrap the thread around and knot it a few times to make sure it’s secure]
[Starting at the knot, fold a section of the scarf over. Take the thread, place it underneath the fold and tie a knot. Pull to tighten]
[This is what it should like once it has been tightened. Tie the thread around the clip to secure]
[Made another 2 loops using the same method as above. Leave a little extra fabric loose for the ends. Take another 16 inch piece of thread, tie it in the middle and repeat the steps on the other side]
[The finished bow]

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