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diy reconstruction: sweater into legwarmers

October 20, 2011
[boots: Marc Jacobs]

Knit legwarmers are popping up everywhere this season, but there’s no need to run out a buy a new pair. An old sweater can be turned into leggings in 5 easy steps.
The most important part of this DIY is choosing the right sweater. A medium weight acrylic will work better than a heavy wool.  Before cutting, you can slip the sweater on over your leg to see how it will look (the wrist cuff is the part that will go around your ankle)

[Lie the sweater flat and cut off both sleeves]
[Cut off the bottom band on the sweater]
[Cut the bottom band in half lengthwise]
[Fold the band in half- right sides together- and sew closed. If you don’t have a serger, use the zig zag stitch to prevent fraying]
[Place the band around the top of the sleeve. Sew in place]
[This next step is optional and it depends on how you’d like your legwarmers to fit. If you want them slouchy and to fall below your knee you can skip this part. I wanted my legwarmers to fit over my knee so I added some elastic to the top to hold them in place. If you decide to do this- measure around the top of your knee and then cut 2 pieces of elastic 2 inches smaller then that measurement. Sew around the inside of the top of the legwarmer]

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