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italian renaissance hair taping tutorial

September 13, 2011

[dress: Anthropologie]
This hairstyle was popular in Italy between the 1300-1600’s. I think it’s so ethereal and romantic! The tradition version requires hair nearly down to your waist. I modified the style so those with shorter hair can do it too. In this tutorial I will show you how to do both versions.
You’ll need:
  • small hair elastics
  • bobby pins
  • grosgrain or stain ribbon (3 yards)
  • Plastic yarn needle

Divide your hair down the center. The hair is twisted and new sections are added, similar to French braiding. This video shows you how to make the twists. You want the twists to be taut but not too tight.

[Once both sides are done cross the braids over in the back and pin in place. Once the ribbon is in place the bobby pins can be removed. If you have very long hair the ends will overlap at the top of your head. If you have shorter hair skip down to the modified version]
[Starting at the nape of the neck start sewing the ribbon around the hair. Make sure to leave enough length on the end to tie a bow.
[Keeping looping the ribbon all the way around your head. The ribbon isn’t decorative; it’s actually what is holding the twists in place]

[When you get to the starting point tie a bow]
Here’s the modified version for short hair:
[Make the twists on both sides following the video above]
[Cross the twists over in the back and pin in place]
[Take the middle of the ribbon and pin it to the top of your head. This pin is temporary. Once the hair is wrapped it should be removed. Since there is no hair on the top of the head to wrap I used the ribbon to create a headband and wrapped the hair on the sides]
[Wrap both sides starting at the top of your head and then tie in the back with a bow]
[Here’s the finished modified version]

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