diy reconstruction: man’s shirt to skirt

September 8, 2011

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to turn a man’s button down shirt into an A-line skirt that ties in the back with a bow. This project is ideal for someone who has a basic understanding of sewing. You will need a sewing machine.

  • Man’s button down shirt (the one I used is a size Large. Before cutting try the shirt on as a skirt. It should fit loosely around your hips. Too big is better than too small)
  • Yard stick
  • Tailor’s chalk or something to mark the fabric 

[Mark off a line under the collar and across the chest. Don’t make your line too close to the second button. This will be the top of the skirt]
[Cut above the line]
[Turn the shirt inside out. Take the yard stick and mark off a diagonal line down each side of the skirt. Cut off the excess fabric and sew the side seams together]
[On both sleeves, cut off the cuffs and then cut then cut the open along the seam. Iron out any wrinkles. The sleeves will become the waistband]
[Cut out rectangular strips from the sleeves measuring 5 inches in height. The total length of my strips when sewn together was 72 inches. You want there to be enough excess fabric to tie a bow in the back of the skirt]
[Sew all the strips together to create one long piece]
[Along the top part of the skirt sew a loose straight stitch. This is used to create gathering]
[Pull on one of the threads at the end and gather the waist.  Make it about an inch larger than your actual waist measurement]
[Place the right side of the waistband on top of the wrong side of the skirt. You should be able to see the seams of both the skirt and waistband. Make sure there is equal length left on either side for the ties. Pin in place and sew]
[Using an iron, press down 1/2 inch on every side of the waistband- top, bottom and both sides]
[Fold the waistband over, press and sew down. I hemmed my skirt so the bottom would be even. Another option is to keep the original shirt hem]

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