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diy fabric beaded necklace

September 1, 2011

I’ve been thinking of a way to use my fabric remnants and finally it dawned on me to turn them into beads. If you don’t have remnants lying around you can always cut up an old pillowcase with a pretty print or a thrifted silk scarf. Any fabric will work as long as it is woven and not stretch.
This DIY is fun and relatively easy. Anyone should be able to do it!

  • Remnants of fabric
  • Mod Podge (I paid $5 at a local craft store. Not sure why it’s so much more on Amazon)
  • Paintbrush (one that has flat, wide bristles is easiest to work with)
  • Cord for stringing the beads (I used elastic cord)
  • Plastic straws
  • Scissors 

[Cut out elongated triangles from the fabric. They should be roughly 3-4 inches long.  The wider the base, the larger your bead will be. I varied the width to make the beads different sizes]
[Brush some Mod Podge onto the straw and then wrap the fabric around it, starting at the wide end]
[Keep the fabric taught while wrapping it and make sure there are no bubbles]
[Brush a small amount of Mod Podge onto the fabric in the direction it was wrapped. Make sure you cover the entire bead. Repeat these steps. You can fit approximately 4 beads per straw]
[Place the straws in a shot glass or small vase and let dry for 2-3 hours. I needed 30 beads to make the shorter necklace I’m wearing and 40 beads for the longer]
[Once dry, cut off the excess amount of straw on each side of the bead. String the beads onto the thread and secure with a double knot]

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