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diy vintage dress reconstruction

August 5, 2011
[dress: reconstructed vintage, shoes top pic: Marc Jacobs, boots bottom pic: Ash]

This post kicks off a new series I’m doing on reconstructing vintage clothing. Learning how to alter clothing takes thrift shopping to a whole other level! You start to see the potential in clothing instead of just taking it at face value.
I purchased this floral dress because I liked the color/print and the fabric was wonderfully soft, lightweight cotton. The shape though left a lot to be desired. 
Here’s what I did:

[The first thing I did was cut 12 inches off the hem. I cut 4 inches from the bottom part of this piece and reattached it to this dress. This creates a contrasting hem]
[I decided that I wanted the dress to have a drawstring at the waist to give it some shape. I measured the waist on the dress and cut this 2 1/4  inch (wide) casing from the leftover hem fabric. Make your casing 2 inches longer than the actual waist measurement]
[Next, I took the drawstring casing and ironed down 1/2 inch on both long sides and 1 inch at each end]
[Then I pinned the casing on top of the waistband]
[I sewed the casing on both sides]
[I created the drawstring tie by taking a long strip of fabric (2 inches wide) and sewing it all around. I sew on the wrong sides of the fabric and left a small slit so I could turn the tie inside out]
[The last thing I did was attach a safety pin to the end of the tie and feed it through the casing]

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