crown braid tutorial

August 9, 2011

[dress: Matty M, necklace: vintage]

I’ve always admired this “part Renaissance maiden/part Boho” hairstyle. I played around last week and finally figured out how to do it. It’s pretty tricky to try on your own since you have to make a braid going straight across the back of your head. If you’re not experienced braiding hair you might want to enlist the help of a friend.

You don’t need very long hair to try this. Hair that falls a few inches below your shoulders should be fine.

First things first, you’ll need to learn how to make an under braid. An under braid is the reverse of a regular braid. The strands are crossed under instead of over each other. Here’s a good tutorial.

[Section off the front of your hair]
[Take a 2 1/2-3 inch section of hair at the top of your right ear and start the under braid. Cross the bottom strand under the middle, then the top under the middle and then the bottom under the middle. This part of the braid goes straight across the back of your head. Work with your hands close to the root of the hair. The keeps the braid tight]
[Add a new section of hair from your crown every time you have a new strand a the top of your braid]
[Continue braiding until you reach the other ear. Remove the hair pins]
[Keep braiding in the same manner. When you get near your temple start guiding the braid upwards to go over the top of your head. I chose to leave a few strands out in front of my face]
[Continue braiding until you reach the start of the braid]
[Once you reach the start of the braid you stop adding new strands. Finish braiding the rest of the hair and secure with a clear elastic.  Use bobby pins to connect the braids. If you hair is very long pin the new braid under the main one.]

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