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diy marni bracelet and i’m back!

July 5, 2011
[top pics: net- a-porter]

So sorry for neglecting the blog these past few weeks! June was a monumentally transitional month for me. My life has pretty much done a 180. Speaking of transitions, I thought I’d make some changes to Crochet Clouds as well. Since the majority of my time is spent creating things I figured I’d incorporate it into the blog. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of outfits posts but I’m going to start peppering in some DIY tutorials and behind the scenes glances into my fashion line.

My first DIY post is inspired by these adorable chain and crochet Marni bracelets I saw while browsing net-a-porter. A knowledge of basic crochet is definitely helpful, but if you’ve never picked up a hook before head over here to learn to a few simple stitches. I used the Chain stitch and Double chain stitch for this project.
[supplies needed: fastener for bracelet, crochet hook, 6 inch chain, needle and thread, grosgrain ribbon, yarn]

[The following pics illustrate how to make a Chain stitch. Stick hook through ring and hook onto the yarn.]
[Pull new yarn loop through ring]
[Hook onto the yarn again]
[Pull it through the two loops. Make sure to keep the stitches very loose. If they are too tight the metal chain will contract and become too small to fit around your wrist]

[The completed first row using the Chain stitch. I did 3 stitches per ring.]

[I added 3 rows of Double stitch and repeated the steps on the bottom part as well. I topped it off with a single row of black done in a Chain stitch]
[Attach closures to each side using either heavy duty thread or jewelry wire]
[Voilà ! The completed bracelet]

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