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Coastal Anchor Wall Decor DIY

April 18, 2017
Coastal Anchor Wall Decor DIY

    One of my goals for this year was to improve my building/woodworking skills. I recently purchased a jig saw and let me tell you, I’m loving this thing! If you’re unfamiliar with jig saws, they’re a handheld, electric tool that lets you cut shapes (like curves) out of wood. They’re relatively easy to use, especially if you’re cutting out something large with a simple shape. I keep seeing cut-out wall decor in all the home stores. Usually the prices hover around $100 for a basic, painted design. Ever the DIYer, I thought “I can make that!”.

     I decided to make a distressed anchor to go with my boho, beach house decor. This was a really fun DIY project, and once you get the hang of the jig saw, the possibilities are endless!

Supplies needed
Print out of this template (Staples does engineering prints for only a few dollars- read more below)
Sheet of project plywood
White spray paint
Sawtooth hanger

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Coastal Anchor Wall Decor DIY
Download the anchor template. You can resize it with photo editing software. I resized mine to 30 inches high. Bring it to Staples and get an engineer print. Engineer prints are very large, inexpensive (only a few dollars) black and white prints. Cut out the anchor and tape it to the wood.
Coastal Anchor Wall Decor DIY
Trace around the anchor
Coastal Anchor Wall Decor DIY
Cut out the anchor using the jig saw
Coastal Anchor Wall Decor DIY
Sand the edges and give it a few coats of spray paint.
Coastal Anchor Wall Decor DIY
 Attach the sawtooth hanger to the back
Coastal Anchor Wall Decor DIY

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