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Baby Owl Halloween Costume (handmade!)

October 24, 2016
DIY Baby Owl Halloween Costume
     This is Indigo’s Halloween costume from last year that I made. Things were so busy this time last year that I completely forgot to post it. Better late than never I suppose! Growing up, my mom use to make all of our Halloween costumes so it was really special for me to sew Indigo’s first costume. 
     I made the jumpsuit using brown fleece and the sewing pattern was Simplicity 1767. It was an easy and fast sew  The sewing pattern wasn’t for an owl costume, but with a few alterations I made it work. I added some felt talons and 2 fabric triangles on the back were the base for the wings. I cut teardrop shaped “feathers” out of scrap fabric and machine sewed them to the base. 
     For the finishing touch, I knitted this owl hat. I crocheted the eyes, added a felt nose and tassels on the sides. I’m currently finishing up Indigo’s costume for this Halloween…let’s just say my whole studio is covered in faux fur. I forgot how messy this stuff is!!! I can’t wait to show you all the finished pics! 
DIY Baby Owl Halloween Costume
DIY Baby Owl Halloween Costume
DIY Baby Owl Halloween Costume
DIY Baby Owl Halloween Costume
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